About Us

History of Hard Breed

Hard Breed’s history goes all the way back to 2002 when three pirate radio DJ/Producer friends; Mark Young, Andrew Richmond (Vinyl Wizards) and Francis Horan (Sonic Trip) decided to launch a web site as a means of advertising club nights which they were associated with.

Back in the days of Kiss 105.8FM we ran a weekly club night in the “Parnell Mooney” successfully for over a year and had a healthy dose of regulars both at the club night and on our internet forum.

Event History

This new found friendship with the Parnell Mooney continued to grow in popularity from June 2003 until Jan 2004 week in week out, forming the longest running weekly hard dance club night in Dublin hosting the cream of Irish and International DJ talent in the comfortable surroundings of the Parnell Mooney.

The 3 lads felt that organising club nights was not enough to keep clubbers coming back every week, so they decided to leave the Parnell Mooney just at the right time.

Soon after the Parnell Mooney we went back to the studio to produce not only several new tracks but the start of the Hard Breed mixed album “Back For The Future” mixed live with all new material from the Hard Breed DJ’s, and then mastered at Raff Da Gaff studios with Raff (Da Gaffer).

With more studio time and more recognition but less club nights Hard Breed jumped back into head first with running once-off gigs in Dublin in Club Viva (Hard Breed birthday party April 2004) and the Belvedere night club (Dec 2004 – launch party of the Hard Breed Mixed Album “Back For The Future”). The Hard Breed mixed album had done very well to attract not only the dedicated clubbers that attended the club night but also new dance music lovers who might not have gone to a club night or who might not have heard of Hard Breed in the past.

Music Production

With the success of the Hard Breed mixed album, we were asked to play in club venues throughout Ireland including Meltdown in Wexford (July 2005) and the world famous Trade Festival both June 2004 and July 2005 along side the cream of Irish and international DJ talent.
With the leaving of DJ Cheeky from Hard Breed around this time and the welcome of two new members to Hard Breed a while later, Derek Jones and Shane Mulvihil, things took a change for the better. There were now 4 members of Hard Breed: Mark Young, Francis Horan (Sonic Trip), Derek Jones & Shane Mulvihil (MV1).
Sonic Trip had 3 CD Albums made by this time already incl. Sonic Trip – Religion Is Nonsense CD Album (mid 90’s), Sonic Trip – Back In Time CD Album (late 90’s) and Sonic Trip – Futureshock CD Album (early 2000’s), and also a few vinyl releases incl. Fevah House FH013 Ken Tobin & XS – Get On The Floor and the Sonic Trip – Silinas Beach EP plus the Hard Breed – Back for The Future CD Album. Mark Young and Derek Jones had Hard Trance tracks of their own released on some notable UK Trance labels.

We have been through the mill both ups and downs through out our careers as a group but the worst was still to come. In Aug 2005 shortly after playing at the world famous Trade, we had organised a Hard Breed club night with the help of Jay Pidgeon in the Star Bar, formerly Night Life, in San Antonio in Ibiza. This was due to be the big break for them but instead led to the break up Hard Breed as we knew it… for a little while.

We then put on some of our biggest gigs in the coming years after from around 2007 to 2010 with international DJ’s playing at our events in the Tivoli Theatre, The Vaults, Radiocity, Voodoo Lounge, The Pod, Turks Head, The Crypt @ Temple Theatre, SFX, Parnell Mooney, and many more venue’s with DJ’s headlining like the Tidy Boys, Anne Savage, Lisa Pin-Up, Lisa Lashes, Andy Whitby, BK, Organ Donors, 12″ Thumpers, Scott Project, Justin Bourne, Push, Cally Gage, Kutski, Eddie Halliwell, Kid Kaos, Scott Project, Amber D, DJ Slipmatt, DJ Dougal, Rob Tissera plus many more and from the Irish side of DJ’s we played with the best of them and made some life long friends incl. Mark Kavanagh, Mr. Spring, Jay Pidgeon, John Gibbons, Banana Boys, Ken Tobin, Sarah Lennox, Al Redmond, Brian Kearney, Neal Scarborough, Karl Davis, Pierce Rooney, John Kerrigan, DJ Fabio, DJ Doodles, LED, Jay Hatchell, Scorchio plus many more.

In the years after 2010, Sonic Trip continued producing tracks in styles like Hardcore, Hard Dance, House, Trip Hop and Trance.
In 2018 Sonic Trip had over 13 Breakbeat Hardcore tracks signed to UK Hardcore labels incl. Raveskool Recordings with a total of 25 tracks being signed up to 2020 to labels like Raveskool Recordings, XTRA Hard Records, Sonic Fortress, DMO Recordings, Total Destruction Records, Fevah House & Nothing But… Future Beats & Breaks Vol. 12.

We’re back to continue the fight for the great club night and best Dance music productions in all Hard Dance music styles. Lots more to come! 😀